Gallic Financial

In 1990, with a lending pool of about $250,000., Gordon Gallic, founder of Gallic Financial, started finding lending opportunities that typically needed fast or unusual financing.

As word spread, friends and neighbors were interested in safe but greater than CD returns. With lots of due diligence and very conservative lending, the business grew steadily year in and year out. Due to an abundance of opportunities and a huge amount of new legislation, Kerrie Johnson joined Gordon in 2005 as a partner in the business. It was a perfect match and over the next few years Kerrie became a game changer for the business. In 2014, Kerrie took over the business, as sole owner of Gallic & Johnson Financial.

In 2020 Matt Powell joined Gallic & Johnson, and became a partner helping and assisting Kerrie with the business operations and loan originating.

Blue-inc. Capital

In 2021, Gallic & Johnson Financial become Blue-inc. Capital. The name Blue-inc. Capital was inspired by the once required signing of legal real estate documents with blue ink. The reasoning behind the color, is the blue will stand out among the walls of black text on a document. Blue ink also indicates that the document is an original and not a copy. Today, Blue-inc. Capital stands out as an original market leader in private lending.

Blue-inc. Gives

In 2020, owners Kerrie Johnson and Matt Powell established a company-wide community giving program as a way to support local non-profit organizations in the communities they serve. Matt and Kerrie felt it was important to give back to the communities they serve.

Since inception Blue-inc. Capital has donated to over 10 local non-profits and given thousands of dollars through their giving program.