Kerrie Johnson

My entire career has been spent in real estate. After graduating from the University of Oregon, I accepted a position at Western Pioneer Title Company as an Escrow Assistant. Within a year I was promoted to Escrow Officer and was instructed to build a clientele of real estate agents and loan officers. I continued as an Escrow Officer and Escrow Manager over the next 10 years working for three different title companies.

Over those years, I worked with Gordon Gallic on many occasions. I was familiar with his non-conforming loans and many of his investors. The opportunity to join his business, learn the mortgage industry, help Gordon, and have more flexibility was a win-win for both of us. I consider it my personal challenge to dispel the myths of the “hard money loan.” I’ve often joked that we offer a “medium money loan.”

My goal is that everyone we work with feels they are respected, have been treated fairly and are fully informed. I’m proud of the work we do, the people we’ve helped and the high standards we work toward every day.