Patrick Carney

Patrick Carney is a lifelong Oregonian with over 20 years of real estate lending, investing, and development experience.

I have a love and passion for real estate “deals” and enjoy the challenges of outside the box situations that require a thorough understanding of all circumstances and then putting a plan together that meets the needs of everyone involved.  It’s not about making a buck or passing the buck…it’s about results that make financial sense for all parties.  Although I started with the typical residential transactions, I quickly gravitated to the unique side of lending in bulk purchases of properties, unfinished subdivisions, AG, wine or just plain old bare ground.  If you have been told no or just cannot find a solution the chances are there may be alternatives when you take a different approach…in a brief conversation we can diagnose the dilemma and form a plan to move your project forward.

Patrick is married with four kids and enjoys fishing and hunting throughout the state.